Saturday, December 22, 2012

19 Days...

With 19 days to go until Staging in San Francisco, time seems to be speeding up! It seems like only yesterday that I started my bathroom mirror countdown at 105 days and now I’m a little less than three weeks away. Today when I changed the countdown from 20 to 19 it hit me that I was almost there! It’s almost time for my second service to begin. This waiting around has been a long, slow, sometimes stressful journey; but it’s one that is almost over. As the days tick down and the holiday parties clutter my calendar I grow increasingly excited to begin my next adventure.

I’ve already practiced packing three times. Which to some who don’t know me might sound a bit premature and excessive. But those who do know me can attest: I’m an overly organized freak when it comes to packing. I’ve had my small checked bag packed for almost a month now. I know exactly what is going in my carry on, and in which pocket I’ll be storing it. And I’ve almost completely packed up my stuff that will stay here in America. As I type this I’m sitting in an increasingly empty room.

With 19 days to go, I’m starting to mentally say goodbye to things. “Goodbye Chipotle,” “Goodbye old friend,” “Goodbye winter clothes.” I’m also starting to live like I’m leaving, meaning I’m taking pleasure in all the little things and trying to enjoy myself as much as possible before I leave. Time is flying by, but you better believe that I’m spending my last weeks here in America having a ball!