Tuesday, January 22, 2013

At Home With The Host Family

Well well well! Hello there! I’ve been in Thailand for just over a week now and to be honest it feels like so much longer. My days have been filled with back-to-back training, and my nights were spent in the clutches of jet lag. But now things are sorting them selves out.

Three days ago I moved in with my host family, I went into the room where we would meet them with a bit of trepidation. I was a bit wary of living with another host family after the wierdfest that was my China host family. I couldn’t have been more misguided! I LOVE my host family here! Its amazing how close we’ve already gotten, infinitely closer than I ever got with my China host family.

I have a 46 year old father who is the local mayor and tree farmer, a 46 year old stay at home mom, and two 15 year old brothers nicknamed Nes and Peet. I have a private room with a huge bed, a TV, a couple of fans, and some wardrobes. We live in a village house in the middle of “downtown” Ban Krang with a community center and a Wat right down the road.

I take a bucket shower with a nice silver pimp cup, I have a western toilet, and obviously I have full Wifi bars in a rural Thai village.

My training has been going well. I kind of know what to expect so I’m able to understand a little better (than last time at least!) the flood of information that PC is tossing my way. My Thai is going well, I study at night with my host brothers and at dinner I teach them English words while they teach me the Thai words.

I ride my bike everyday to Training, she’s the best bike I’ve ever owned! For reals! I’ve named her Beatrice Montgomery. Other volunteers named their bikes also so I’m not the only weird one haha. But yeah things in Thailand are going well!

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  1. I am not surprised your Thai host family is better than your Chinese one. My Chinese host family was kinda crappy.