Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Ready

It seems like just yesterday that my countdown started at 105 days. 105 days. Thats a really long time to be counting down. My journey to a second Peace Corps adventure started way back in April, 2012 and in a week it will finally come to fruition with the beginning of staging in San Francisco. With just 7 days left on my countdown the list of things I have to do has dwindled down to “nothing much at all.” I know thats not what people want to imagine, but its true. As my countdown entered into its final week, any stress or worries I was having fell away.

This last week is the sweetest one of the countdown. Its a week of pure indulgence. I know I’m leaving and I know what I’m going to miss and I make sure to have it one last time. I’ve got meals with family and friends scheduled, I’m cherishing everything just a little bit more because I know I’m leaving soon. Its a funny thing this last week, I know I’m eventually coming back but since 2 years is such a long time I’m able to enjoy all the little things life here in Northern California brings like they’re going to be the last time I’ll ever experience them.

I take great pleasure every morning wiping the bathroom mirror and writing the new, lower number, I love going to my favorite restaurants, eating good food, drinking good booze, and talking with my family about the exciting adventure thats about to begin. I think that because I’ve done this before that I’m able to enjoy all these little things just that much more because I know how much I’ll miss them.

I’m ready for you Thailand, I'm ready for the crazy adventures. The awkward and confusing conversations with host families. The getting lost and never knowing exactly whats going on. I’m ready for busy days filled with language training in the heat and humidity. I’m ready for the intense, fast friendships that will grow. The food: good, bad, crazy, spicy, unexpected, and delicious. I’m ready.

Look out Thailand, I’m coming for you, and I'm bringing the biggest of bear hugs.

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  1. I hope your adventure is more than what you expect to get. You will be missed and I know that you will make the best out of it. Can't wait to hear all the amazing and crazy stories that you experience.