Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Lessons from Week Two

Hello all! I’ve been in Thailand for two weeks now and things are going wonderfully. Training is crazy informative, interesting, and exhausting. My host family is awesome. I’m just having a great time here. Anywho, here’s come things that I’ve learned so far here in Thailand.

1) Biking in the mornings is awesome, the rice paddies are starting to warm up and there is a steamy fog everywhere. Its really cool.

2) Biking in the evenings is fun, the day is cooling off and I have nowhere to be so I take my sweet time in biking home. Enjoying the sights/sounds/smells of rural Thailand.
3) Biking during lunch break sucks. It’s hot as balls and I will guaranteed be sweaty for the rest of the day.
4) When your host brothers buy a ghostface mask it is your patriotic duty to show them the Drew Barrymore death/opening scene from Scream.
5) When you show your brothers the Drew Barrymore death/opening scene from Scream you should be prepared to spend the rest of the night scaring each other in increasingly elaborate ways.
6) There is a hour after night falls that all the bugs decide to come out for a giant party. If you happen to be biking/running/walking/existing when that party begins prepare yourself to be covered with bugs.
7) You’ll also most likely inhale/consume about 8 of them. Extra protein!
8) Fans are the greatest invention of all time. They beat out fire, the wheel, and tequila hands down on hot nights when you’re trying to get to sleep.
9) Always ask if you can eat that fried doughnut looking treat, it might be a dog treat.
10)Enjoy your ill gotten dog treat because it is a fried doughnut, and those dogs are fat enough as it is!
11)Jerry-rigged billiards, 30k bike ride, and barefoot soccer make for a fun Saturday afternoon.
12)Bucket baths are wonderful things.

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