Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thai Time


Well I’ve been here in Thailand for four days and I have to say that it is pretty sweet. I haven’t done or seen too much outside of our hotel because we’ve been so busy with training but what I have seen has been awesome. So far I’ve seen a baby elephant, had so much delicious food, and met some pretty cool fellow trainees. Today however, we were assigned our bikes and were taken for a ride. As I was riding through the rice paddies under the blue skies, with a beautiful breeze blowing all I could feel was content. I’m really very content here, I’m happy and excited to move to my host family in a few days. As I was riding on the back of the truck after riding all day I couldn’t stop my self from smiling. Which is pretty apt, considering this is the land of smiles.

Warm wishes from Thailand!

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