Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dinner With The Family

People say that Thailand is a country with great food. That freshness, quality, and flavor are all prized. I was told that people take pride in their food, and that meal times are times to be enjoyed. Well its all true! The food here has been amazing! My family has been amazing chefs. Apparently I have the best cook in the village for a father. Needless to say I’ve been eating well.

In China I delayed going home for dinner because my family wasn’t necessarily the best cooks. They relied heavily on MSG to make the food seem good, cooked everything in massive amounts of oil, and would force me to eat way more than I was comfortable with. I know they were being good hosts for me, but I hesitated when the time for dinner came because it was such a stressful daily activity.

Dinners with my host family here in Thailand couldn’t be more different. Every night there are new dishes that I haven’t tried yet along with some of the dishes that I’ve really enjoyed. Instead of forcing me to eat fish (which no matter how many times I try, I hate) like my China family, my Thai family lets me know what has fish in it so I know not to try it.

Dinners here are very comfortable familial experiences. My Thai family considers me a second son free to eat as much or as little as I choose. They don’t spend dinner pushing more food on me, and I don’t spend dinner plotting how to eat less. Instead we all eat while telling jokes and laughing with each other. I love dinner with my family, after long exhausting days of training I’m rejuvenated by good dinners with good people.

Every meal has its requisite rice of course, but rice is the staple grain here. We’ll have a couple of different meat and veg stir fries and sometimes scrambled eggs or a soup. Twice we’ve had BBQ which we prepare and sit around on the floor, and three times we’ve had fried chicken (my eyes rolled back and I ate like a crazy person it was so good).

Last week my family asked me if I like to cook, which of course I do. So they decided they wanted me to cook for them today (Sunday, Feb 3). They decided that the wanted me to make pizza. I invited three trainee friends to help me out and cook with. I’m quite excited and nervous because I want my family to enjoy the meal and have a good first pizza experience. We’re getting ready to go to the market to get necessary supplies and then the cooking will begin! Wish me luck!

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