Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm in Thailand!?

Ever since arriving here in Thailand I’ve been on the go. There’s barely been any time to just sit and think about everything thats going on with my life now. All the changes. All the exotic things that are now everyday occurrences. All the random stuff that I don’t understand. All the beauty that I’m surrounded by.

I’ve been so busy with training (technical and language), medical sessions, form filling out, language studying/homework doing, biking to and from training/language/Practicum, cross cultural, hanging out with my family, being “Thai-napped” by my family, and hanging out with other volunteers. With everything thats going on its been difficult to fit any time in for just myself and my thoughts.

Today, after a difficult lesson at Practicum I was biking to meet a friend for a drink and hang sesh when I found myself all alone on the road. There was no one around me. Now, I live in rural Thailand, but there is still a steady stream of people in cars or on motorcycles passing by, so I’d never really been fully alone. Until today. As I was biking by myself it suddenly hit me.  I’m in Thailand!

I’m in Thailand. I was biking through the rice paddies, when I noticed just how green and beautiful they were. Then I noticed the coconut palms dispersed around. Then I noticed the blue skies and warm sun. Next the cool breeze and the sound of the birds.

As I was biking, it hit me. I’m in Thailand. It was an awesome feeling. A chilling, yet wonderful feeling. One that I have had to a lesser extent many times since arriving here. But today it was a whole new level.

As I was biking I just absorbed my surroundings. I soaked it up like it was never going to happen again. I’m glad I did. Any anxieties I had about my less than ideal lesson evaporated. The stress from such a jam-packed schedule? Gone.

The feeling only lasted a moment. Such a brief moment. But it has stuck with me. I can’t stop thinking about it, re-living it. Cherishing it. I’m in Thailand. I hope and I’m sure that I will have this same feeling many times in the coming two years. But I wanted to write about it now, while it is fresh in my mind to remind myself how special and amazing this adventure I’m on really is.

When those inevitable “Thai days” come, days when I’m frustrated with everything. When I’m over it. I’ll think back to that brief moment of awesome I had today to remind myself just how crazy this whole experience is. How different and wonderful it is.  I'm sure I'll think it's cheesy, and I'll most likely be embarrassed that I put this out there.  But when its all said and done I'll be glad I did.  When I'm back in America, wide awake at 3am reading this I'll smile.  I'll be happy.

I wish I had remembered the moment I had in China. I’m sure I had one. But whenever I had it I failed to think about it, to write about it, to remember it. When the China days hit I had nothing to think about, to remind myself with. I’m sure I would have cherished my time in China a hell of a lot more if I had.

But now is now and I’m reminding myself to enjoy the ride. I’m in Thailand. I won’t forget this time.

I’m in Thailand!


  1. I feel you, brother. Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing your moment. Peace.

  2. Hey! I'll be in Thailand soon and I really, really liked what you just wrote! So beautiful!
    Its great how many blogs I could find about Thailand!
    I will be waiting for more new things! Hahah