Sunday, February 10, 2013

Practicum Craziness

This past week we started practicum. What is practicum you ask? Well its two weeks of co-teaching with local teachers to get some practice before we continue our training. Getting back into the classroom has been fun and exhausting at the same time.

Every morning I meet with my co-teacher, Mrs. Poungpen, at 7:30 to talk about that days lesson. Then I have 4 hours of language training. Then an hour and a half to eat lunch, prepare for my class, and finalize my lesson plan (that I wrote the night before) and any materials that I’ll be needing for class. Then I have a hour of observing another trainee conduct their class, and then finally I have my hour long class.

Its a long day and a lot of different things are being tossed my way. Homework I have to do, lesson plans I have to create, materials I have to make, Self-Directed learning plans, and training assessment forms. I’ve spent this week crazy busy with barely anytime to relax. I get home so exhausted all I do is eat, shower, and then crash for the night.

Despite the craziness and business, I’m having a blast. My students are amazing, they’re really excited for class and actively participate in my activities. My co-teacher works really hard to make things easier for me, she helps create materials, she simplifies my instructions when the students don’t quite understand, and she helps introduce any new concepts or words that we’re working on.

The first week started out a bit rough, but by the 4th day I’d hit my teaching stride again and I’m back into the groove. I’m excited for week two of practicum to start.


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Making materials

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Oh P.S.  Pizza day with my host family was a massive success!  They loved their first ever pizzas and want my recipe so that they can make them themselves.  :D

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