Sunday, February 17, 2013

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Last Friday a societal difference here in Thailand was brought to my attention in the most biting of fashions. I’m talking of course about dogs, stray dogs, unleashed unrestrained dogs left to their own devices are everywhere here in central Thailand.

Normally they’re pretty defeated looking mutts lying on the side of the road passed out from the heat. They barely have enough energy or desire to lift their heads up as I pass by on my bike. But every now and again I’ll cross paths with the other kind of dog here. The viciously territorial ones who are waiting for someone/ something to chase and attack.

Until last Friday I haven’t had any issues with vicious dogs. I’d simply speed up and blast past them, laughing at their futile attempts to catch me. Obviously since I’m a decently fit dude on a bike I’ll have no issue with out running any rando dog who decides it’s time for a chase. False.

So there I was riding my bike all alone. Music blasting in my ears, humming along as I peddle towards school. While I was enjoying my morning ride I spotted a dog up ahead. It was walking along the side of the road and didn’t hear me coming. I decided to ring my bell so it’d know I was creeping up and therefore wouldn’t be scared into attacking. Wrong move.

After alerting the crazed beast in question it began to sprint towards me with a look of pure hatred in its beady black eyes. I began to peddle as fast as I could and blasted past the dog, but alas I wasn’t going fast enough. It bugger quickly turned and got right up on me.

Sensing the time was right it lunged at my calf chomped on and dragged me into the bushes where it brutally mauled me.  Ok maybe not. It lunged forward, got my calf in its mouth and I was able to pull it out before the dog could fully bite down. I kicked it (while still riding mind you) and got outta there.

As a result of the attack on my life, Peace Corps took me and another volunteer who was bite minutes later in a completely different part of town to the hospital to get our rabies shots.

So now when I ride my bike I don’t take any chances with the dogs. I have my bike lock close at hand to use as a weapon, and I never NEVER ring my bell at any dog. And that my friends is the story of how I got dog flu (or how I was bit).

Oh P.S. Don't worry, the bite is really small and not painful at all.

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  1. Oh wow! I dont have any idea about what I would do if I was you!
    Well, great that it wasnt a serious case and... Yeah, you learned something with that : Bells, NEVER!. Hahah