Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Other Volunteers

One of the unexpected perks of being a Peace Corps volunteer, besides the awesome travels and experiences, is the people you serve with. Peace Corps attracts people from all walks of life, from all across the country, from all stages in life. The people you serve with are people that you might not have ever known in the states. Or they're people that you never would have friended.

Despite the crazy amount of differences, with the pressure cooker that is PC service, you end up bonding and becoming fast friends with your fellow volunteers. The intensity and quickness of PC friendships is a freakish thing. Volunteers see each other at our best and at our worst. When we're rocking a camp or half marathon together and when we're sitting around drinking and bitching about everything.  There is no such thing as shame between us, because we've all been there or will be there soon.

Ahhhh!  What happens every time volunteers get together. 
I've been blessed, with both my services, to serve with some truly amazing people. Because of Peace Corps I've met the most genuinely kind, well meaning, passionate people. The kind of people where one minute we're discussing projects and our hopes and dreams, and the next we’re making the most inappropriate comments about anything and anyone.

Yep.  Thats about right!

Literally had this conversation every time.

Volunteers serve as each others support system. We're there for each other. We challenge and push each other to be awesome. Peace Corps advertises itself as "The hardest job you'll ever love." But I think it could be "The greatest people you'll ever meet."   

Many of the people I've served with or am serving with are going to be life long friends. They're the greatest and most depraved people imaginable and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Always there for you.


  1. OMG, you're going to make me cry, Joel. That warmed my heart, and requires a thank you note in the form of my favorite sentimental youtube video: