Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thank You’s and Brave New Worlds

The COSing 125s

I did it. As of this morning I’m officially an RPCV again. It seems like forever since my Peace Corps journey started. April 2010 is when I posted the first time on this blog. 5 long years have come to a close. I’m almost giddy with excitement for my next adventures.

Later today, Ryan and I fly out to South Korea where we’ll be spending the next few days enjoying the sights and cool weather. Then I will continue onto America for a brief visit before returning here to Thailand to teach for the next year. I’ll be teaching in an intensive English program at a private school in the A. Muang (capitol city) of Surat Thani province. I’ll be teaching one class of third graders 5 days/week science, math, and English. I’m excited and nervous about continuing on here in Thailand without the auspicious umbrella of Peace Corps.

Cheers to new adventures.

Starting out this blog post with “I did it” is perhaps the wrong way to phrase things. We did it. I never would have been able to enjoy the successes and adventures that I’ve had these past 5 years without the everlasting support from my family and friends. Thank you, all, for going on me on this wild journey.

Thank you Mom and Dad, especially. You’ve been here for me in countless ways over these past 5 years. I would never have been able to do what I’ve done with out your love and support. Thank you Sami and Ryan and everyone else for all the love and support. It means more than you could ever know.

Thank you to my friends at home. You’ve sent me care packages, made mix CDs, organized going away/welcome back parties, skyped with me when I’m lonely, and come to visit. Even though for much of the past 5 years we’ve been on opposite sides of the world you all have been there for me.

Thank you to my fellow volunteers. You’re all crazy as can be but in the most perfect ways. We’ve shared experiences and frustrations and triumphs and joys that no one will ever be able to understand quite like we can. I never expected to meet such amazing people like y’all (China and Thailand). I’m looking forward to seeing where the future brings all of us.

Thank you to my communities. I lived and worked for two full services with the most amazing and wonderful people. Both in Deyang and in Tha Mai I had the honor to work along side two awesome counterparts. Xian Jie and Phung, thank you.

Thank you to my students. You’ve given me plenty of frustrations and joys and headaches and laughs over the years. You’ve been the best parts of my services, the only reason I went to work on many days.

Thank you Peace Corps. You took a chance when you let me join the more than 200,000 people who’ve served overseas. For some reason you decided that I was qualified to work and live overseas. I’m eternally grateful for the chance you took on me. You’ve given me the most transformative five years of my life. I truly believe I’m a better, more caring person now than when I started this journey. Thank you.

Finally, thank you. This blog has served as a way to stay connected with life outside of Peace Corps. Now that my service is over, so to, is this blog. It’s been a chronicle of my service that I’ll always cherish and you’ve all been with me the whole way. While the life and times of Mr. Garceau will continue after China and Thailand, they won’t be documented here. So it is with the click on a button that I bid you adieu.

Goodbye.   ;)
Graduation group photo.

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